What are refurbished grades?

Refurbished grades let you know the quality of a refurbished product from a cosmetic standpoint, and reflect whether the keyboards have marks, scuffs, or scratches, and to what degree.

The grades are a quality mark for the industry to accurately communicate what to expect from a specific product. They build confidence in the customer and separate 'as new' tech from the tech that may have scratches and signs of wear and tear.

It's important to note that all of our stock is of high quality, thoroughly tested by experts, and is fully functional - the grades only relate to the cosmetic condition and we highlight this to match your expectations with the item you're looking to buy.

We have original genuine laptop keyboards that we buy from manufacturers for various reasons. Then we reprint, wash and quality control them before sending them to our storage carefully packed.


Refurbished Grade A:
The best quality of the refurbished device. Near-mint conditions, excellent cosmetic level, and little signs of previous use.

Refurbished Grade B:
The second-best quality of refurbished device. Light scuffing and scratches on the product as a result of gentle use.

Refurbished Grade C:
The lowest-quality of refurbished device. 100% in working order but will have more scratches and signs of wear and tear as a result of heavy, daily use.

New products:
 Products that have never been used before, with no scuffs or scratches. All products within this grade are NEW products.

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