Swop! We buy your used laptop keyboards


 Call (+45) 70605455 -  and order your keyboards today, have them sent tomorrow, send us your old keyboards (a party of minimum 10 of the same model) in return…..SWOP!

This way you can finish your refurbishing process in one go.


And that’s because – YOUR OLD, USED LAPTOP KEYBOARDS WE BUY, of course.

If you have a bunch, party of minimum ten (10) – happy to buy them from you will be TellusRem.

Yes, we can either buy them from you or SWOP - exchange them to keyboards, refurbished or new,

and send them already today or tomorrow to you. – How is that for a deal from your point of view?

Yes, you can send your old, used laptop keyboards to us already today – as we will be saving your day:

We’ll send the new keyboards, with any language layout you need, to you – as we have them in Denmark on stock.

We ship laptop keyboards worldwide. And we are announcing here with pride:

We give 12 month full warranty, and the quality of our keyboards is top

So REACH OUT TO US  - give a call, send an email – let’s have a deal and let's SWOP!


We have most keyboard varieties and we do not compromise in any of our PROCESSES,
this way you will always be able to count on our standard.

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